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Health,Fitness,Travel,Tourism,Leisure and Lifestyle Management

Niamh Kenny has been successfully operating for over 30 years in the Health,Fitness and Travel/Tourism and entertainment Industry, including owning and manageing a successful Property Management and Rental Business in Croatia.
She has been involved in all aspects of General health,fitness and wellness travel and management with a hands on and individual approach .

Niamh has a successful social media  profile where she showcases her quirky and often humorous view on life and adds reviews on Travel ,Services and products through this medium and her Tripadvisor page,as well as Tumblr and Twitter. You can also find her regularly pinning, to Pinterest on Interior design as well as Health and Fitness
Niamhs philosophy is straightforward and logical, keep it simple. Move through life with your eyes wide open, expecting the best and the worst. Talk about it and share it.
Be fit, Be Well, Be happy Be flexible, both physically and in life

This website is an amalgamation of articles,blogs, links to websites that we love to read and follows our philosophy .  The website is for informational purposes and we encourage you to contact us with anything you think might be useful to our readers.

We hope you will join our Community and help us to spread good health, good reviews and a balanced and odd view on life in general.

Illuminate the way

Love and Light

Niamh Kenny